1. new piggies come out to play

    worship away piggies

    My birthday is coming up soon, don’t forget.


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  3. paymeobeyme:

    New tributes from a new sub.

    Keep em’ coming piggies.

  4. hermajesty-m:

    Oh my god more!?!?!?!?
    This is super exciting!!

  5. worshipjolierouge:

    I’m a 23 BBW Latina Findomme with a few body mods.

    I’m here to be the owner of your wallet not to be your friend, time wasters are not welcome.

    *The services and fees are only discussed with serious applicants.*

                        **Tribute Me**

    Via giftrocket: 


    Via TribNow

    Information of sessions also available on the same email.

    Remember that I have just opened a tattoo fund 

  6. goddess-tui:

    Who’s going to be the infinitely lucky little worm that catches my attention first?

    I hate waiting. Impress me with a tribute. Do your absolute best to leave an impression and maybe my lip won’t curl up in immediate disgust at your efforts. But that’s a big maybe.

    Tribute me on giftrocket:

    And then message me on kik with your grovelling: GoddessTui

  7. thegoddessblue:

    My feet are beautiful and pampered with your money.

  8. Manicure and Pedicure for Goddess


    I want a pedicure and manicure before I go to work tomorrow. But not on my dime,on YOUR dime!

    The devoted foot slut who sends me $60.00 USD via GiftRocket or PayPal to, you’ll get a custom photo set!

  9. queenbitchsalome:

    How to Succeed in Patriarchy without Really Trying:

    Just Say “No.”